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What is Space Girls?


Space Girls is a pioneering new NFT collection by Morysetta–one of’s best selling creators, all collections selling out in 15 minutes. The artist is once again returning to the platform to inspire the world with her very own PFP art project. Tired of seeing mass produced and predictable PFPs, Morysetta has created an otherworldly collection that puts art ahead of “utility.” The collection is made up of 5,000 one-of-a-kind, algorithmically-generated Space Girls. Every “Girl” has been jettisoned from the cosmos of Morysetta’s wild imagination, each one in her signature collage style. 

Embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of the universe with 'Space Girls', a captivating collection of NFTs that pay homage to the strength, beauty, and grace of women. As you acquire your own Space Girl, you'll be transported to a world of cosmic beauty. A world where the female form is the driving force behind everything. This collection aims to capture the wanderlust of women who explore their boundless potential and the power that lies within them. The artworks evoke emotions that transcend the physical realm and tap into the spiritual side of femininity. This collection is not only a celebration of women but also a tribute to the powerful and enduring spirit of femininity that exists in all of us.

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About the Art


The Space Girls collection portrays the artist's journey of self-discovery through womanhood. It is the visual embodiment of her own personal efforts to learn from and empathize with the diverse experiences of women from all over the world. Each piece in the collection symbolizes a facet of this quest and together they narrate the story of her evolving understanding of womanhood.


As the artist reaches her early thirties, she is finally coming to terms with the idea of aging and the inevitable transition into womanhood. She finds liberation and empowerment in this realization. The collection reflects this newfound freedom and serves as a symbol of her own personal growth. Each unique piece also pays respect to the resilience and fortitude of all women. They remind us that every woman's journey is distinct and valuable, and that we all benefit from our shared experiences. The artist aspires for her collection to encourage all women to embrace their own journeys and to recognize the unique strength and beauty within them.



Join us in empowering women and make a difference with the Space Girls Collection! Launching exclusively on's NFT platform on March 8th, 2023 - Women's Day, each collectible Space Girl can be yours for just 50 USD.  Every Space Girl minted will help us achieve the following goals:


After we reach 1500 “Girls” sold, we will donate $25,000 to charity.  We’ve partnered with Casa Ioana women’s shelter in Bucharest, Romania who will be the beneficiary of this donation. Your purchase will directly impact the lives of women and children who are victims of domestic abuse by providing them with the resources they need for a brighter future (providing support for accommodation , supplies and counseling hours). Casa Ioana was personally chosen by Morysetta, because of the amazing work they are doing in the city which she calls home.


*They have two facilities, they are renovating the facility at the end of the city, and they are running out of funds, so they could use this money directly to renovate the facility. They offer one year of shelter, they have 23 women and children. They teach women life skills and help them get a job. They try to change the lives of these women and their children. 

Art Prints


And the excitement doesn't stop there! As we sell all 3000 NFTs, 250 random buyers will also receive a high quality 20 x 16 inch print of their unique “Girl”. Each print will be signed (with a Certificate of Authenticity) by Morysetta and can be shipped anywhere in the world. But that's not all! 


We'll be airdropping 1 of 10 unique pieces to all supporters of the project. In other words, everyone who buys a Space Girl will also receive an extra, special edition NFT at a later time.

Airdrops for previous collectors


If you own an NFT from previous collections Morysetta's works, owning a Space Girl will earn you an extra special edition NFT. 


Owning a unique Girl gives you exclusive access to the wider Space Girls world. Our Discord community features channels devoted to women’s stories, female empowerment, psychedelic discussion, art leadership and more. We are actively curating our community to champion women, especially those working in any art discipline. 

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